AUCA Continuing Education Promotion

The American University of Central Asia provides a quality liberal arts education. It is also active in the community in promoting continuing education for all ages.

As a new programme, it needed to make an impact and stand out from the crowd.

  • Illustrations – The programme is for anyone of any age. Photography was simply too limiting (and too costly) to depict this wide remit. We creating ‘wood-cut’ silhouettes that could depict either gender of any nationality of any age quickly and affordably.

  • Changing course details – Changing requirements and resources meant that courses may change at a moments notice. A bound-together brochure could have been obsolete within weeks of being printed. We developed a core brochure explaining the values and goals of the courses, and individual course leaflets inserted into a pocket at the back. The brochure is easy to keep current in terms of content and affordability.

Promotion Projects: